Discover the boundless possibilities of QPLUS QPSuite as never before! While we gear up for another thrilling installment, we’re focusing more than ever on the unmatched potential of our MES product to fuel innovation, expansion, and success. At QPLUS, innovation isn’t just a trendy term – it’s the core of our existence, where every new feature added to QPLUS QPSuite, our manufacturing execution system, has the ability to spark a revolutionary transformation in your repair shop.

QPLUS QPSuite is the web and mobile product that allows you to manage centrally, with online information, the entire operation of a repair shop, specially designed for heavy equipment workshops (mining, forestry, construction, among others). It provides the ability to collect data IN THE PLACE WHERE THE DATA IS PRODUCED

With QPLUS QPSuite it is possible:

To manage work orders and repair independently or linked to your company’s ERP (with world-class ERP connectors, already available).

To define multiple calendars that represent the way resources of different plants or workshops operate.

To create and maintain the task networks or work standards that guide the activity in the workshop.

To distribute the workload to the available resources in the most efficient way (Scheduling).

To track the parts involved in each repair, using QR code, proximity readers or RFID.

To generate purchase orders for faulty parts diagnosed as unusable or non repairable

(replacement parts lists).

To carry out the scheduling of tasks both in workshops outside the company, and in owned workshops.

To establish the scheduling of resources for different plans or workshops of the same group, promoting efficiency and minimizing downtime.

To manage the record of the development of each technician, in the simplest possible way,free of interpretations or complex data capture

To visualize in a modern information board, everything that is relevant to each key resource or role, such as: Technician board, Bay board or work table, Supervisor board, among others.

To view all the support documentation of the tasks online that the technician is carrying out (technical documents, safety warnings, operational suggestions, etc.)

To allow the capture of news related to the tasks at the time they are taking place (log). This also allowsto associate photographs and documents to each task carried out.

To self-management related to the tools that must be returned to the storeroom by the technician, before leaving the premises.

QPLUS QPSuite is more than the evolution of our renowned JobShopSuite, it is its ideal complement.

With QPLUS QPSuite we are able to go as far as your Internet access allows it, According to its Web and Mobile technology. At the same time, we can be as close as you can carry your SmartPhone or Tablet, for data capture, code scanning, photo taking, etc.

QPLUS QPSuite combined with JobShop, enables the best of mobility and remote access (QPLUS QPSuite) with the speed, practicality and quickness to operate in a locally installed product (JobShop).

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