Qplus Factory

QPlus Factory is a complete and easy to use industrial management system, comprehensively designed to support the wide variety of tasks within any industry. QPlus Factory is a support for your production process which ranges from the production itself with everything related to engineering, considering end-to-end traceability, with complete management of work orders, warehouse and inventory management, purchase management and MRP, manufacturing advance record management, cost and productivity statistics, among other important features.

QPlus Factory is implemented in a progressive way, so that it can quickly be useful in small and medium-sized industrial organizations. This allows to link the logistics cycle through simplified processes with very low cost of implementation. Small and medium-sized industrial organizations will be able to gradually move towards more sophisticated levels of QPlus Factory use, reaching high levels of efficiency, as the ones achieved by large industries.

1 single product, management of N industrial plants

Direct and indirect production costs management

Front and back traceability. Complete quality sheet

Manufacturing/Material ResourcePlanning (MRP) in seconds