Job Shop Suite

QPlus Consulting proudly presents its suite of products for workshops or JobShop. It is a set of products designed to coordinate a wide variety of typical activities in Workshops or CRC (Component Repair Center), and also in machine shops or MS (Machine Shop).

JobShop includes the task of receiving and dispatching parts for repair or replacement, to the creation of work orders and / or their import from corporate systems / ERPs. It allows the incorporation of work templates or Standard Jobs, to generate efficient planning of workshop activities (Task Scheduling), optimizing the use of human resources and machines. JobShop also includes demand prediction capabilities for parts replacement, based on complex statistical algorithms involving hundreds of thousands data collected in more than 10 years of experience. Thus, you can achieve drastic reductions in storage costs and minimizing urgent orders.

JobShop also has advanced capabilities to monitor the status and working condition of components and equipment in the field. This is carried out either by collecting direct information from the component, or through interfaces with third-party products such as AMT, SOS, Minestar and VISION LINK (all belonging to the Caterpillar).

With JobShop it is possible to record information at the source through mobile devices, to carry out the orders workflow, to organize the workshop floor, to optimize the use of resources, to monitor components, to interact with ERPs and, finally, to perform analytical exploitation of information using multidimensional cubes.